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Les Walker, Owner

Les Walker started Walker Home Construction in 2009 and has been growing the business successfully and fostering a reputation for consistency and quality ever since.  His hard work and dedication to developing strong relationships with employees, customers and suppliers has paid off and now, Walker Home Construction is not only a successful full-service construction company but is also an innovator in their field.  With assistance from the Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD) Program, Walker Home Construction integrated wall Panelization technology into their business for the 2020 construction season and further expanded this division in 2021.  Wall Panelization is a process where walls for buildings are built off-site in an indoor facility and then brought on-site to be assembled.  The company is commitment to contracting local contractors whenever possible, building capacity in the communities, and increasing Indigenous involvement in the residential construction industry in the Yukon.  Congratulations Mr. Walker and the hardworking staff at Walker Home Construction for expanding while maintaining consistency and quality in all your work.

“It is a genuine pleasure working with an entrepreneur with such a passion for his business, employees and customers.  It’s great to see a business expand when you know they are doing great things and brining a lot of people along with them while they succeed.”

Martin Meyer

Däna Näye Ventures EBPD Program Officer

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