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Jerrid Hozack, Rickey Vance and Diane Olsen

Mr. Hozack approached DNV based on a friend/family referral because he wanted to start a site preparation and landscaping business with two partners.  Mr. Hozack was referred to our Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBDP) officer and to the Manager of Financial Services and the rest is a success story.  

Jerrid Hozack, Rickey Vance and Diane Olsen successful applied to the EBDP program and received a non-repayable grant to help with the business start-up and first months of operations.  The partnership also successfully applied for a commercial loan from DNV at the same time.  With a lot of hard work and with the help of these funds, the partnership started a new 100% First Nations owned Yukon business that is already creating jobs.  The company’s main activities are; landscaping, irrigation installation, excavation, forest clearing, and sewer and septic installation.  The partnership has already successfully completed one large contract profitably and has already garnered a great reputation for quality work and professionalism.

The key to this company’s success is its management team and work ethic.  The management team has extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry as well as with business administration and accounting.   Between the three partners, there is over 57 years of relevant experience that contributes to the success of the new business.  

We look forward to see how the company will grow and succeed and are looking at ways that we can continue to help.  At DNV we keep working with our clients to help them succeed through our Business Support Office and aftercare programs.  Once you are a DNV client we have an interest in your success.  

“I can’t believe that we went from working for someone else last year to employing nine people this year.  It really is incredible”

Mr. Hozack – Owner, Northern Construction

“The keys to success of a business start-up starts with the owners and the hard work and effort that they are willing to put into the business.  I really enjoy working with motivated entrepreneurs and working with Jerrid, Rickey and Dianne was a real pleasure.  The company is a success because of the hard work and dedication that the three entrepreneurs put into the business.  I am happy that I was able to be a part of this process and help the company get its start.” 

– Martin Meyer – EBD Program Officer, DNV