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Krystle Pelletier, Owner

Ms. Pelletier utilized DNV services at every stage of her business planning.  First, she accessed Business Support Services to assist her in the feasibility assessment of her business concept and the development of her business plan.  She then continued working with DNV on her application to the Entrepreneur and Business Development Program, that led to her application for loan financing.  Ms. Pelletier has taken full advantage of the business services DNV offers Northern entrepreneurs.

It was her life-long dream to own and operate her own aesthetics salon and she was finally ready to build her dream. With hard work and dedication Ms. Pelletier completed her business plan prior to the end of 2019 and she received funding support from EBD to concentrate on her business implementation for April 2020.  With the development of COVID-19, Spring 2020 brought a whole new set of challenges besides what one might expect in starting a new business.  She quickly adjusted her business model to online sales and started Do It Yourself (DIY), home kits. She also partnered with other local businesses to support the “Locals Supporting Locals” campaign.

In recent conversations with Krystle she noted “This business is my dream and passion and livelihood. I’m not ready to give up. I’m going to fight through this !!!!” A huge “Shout Out” to Krystle Pelletier for her unwavering commitment and dedication to her business New Leaf Esthetics and for choosing to work with DNV to make her business dreams become reality!

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