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Maggie Powter & Shawna Hindson

Little Wonders Preschool and Family Program is run by Maggie Powter and Shawna Hindson. They offer a unique curriculum that is highly focused on social/emotional development in the early years. The curriculum supports the philosophy of providing care for all children within an inclusive environment. The program began operations in 2012 as a licensed day-home and expanded in 2015 to operate under a childcare license.

When the time came to expand their facility, due to licensing regulations, they were unable to expand. After being unable to find suitable existing space, the owners of Little Wonders began to explore the possibility of acquiring land and constructing a building that will fit their needs. Maggie and Shawna first approached DNV to help make their project a reality in the second half of 2018. The project was constructed by Evergreen Homes and officially began operations on September 3, 2019, with enough space for 30 children.