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Melvin Lagersson, Owner

Capital Helicopters is a 100% locally owned and operated helicopter charter company with a longstanding professional history of providing service to Canada’s northern regions. From mining and mineral exploration to wildfire suppression, scenic heli tours and wildlife surveys – whatever the task may be, Capital can assist you in planning and supporting your project. After a 25-year run as owner operator, Delmar Washington, a longtime DNV client, decided to sell his business.  Melvin Lagersson approached Dana Naye for financing the purchase of Capital Helicopters. Melvin, owner of True North Helicopters, was formerly the Chief Pilot for Capital Helicopters for 9 years under Delmar Washington’s ownership.  In this role, he was groomed to take over by Delmar and as such, exposed to all facets of the operation from job bidding, debt servicing, contracting, staff management and client servicing.  Currently, Melvin has over 8,000 hours of flight time with no accidents on record.

Congratulations Melvin Lagersson and Capital Helicopters on your excellent reputation for safety and customer service.