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Cathy Isaac, Owner

Cathy Isaac is a long-time business owner/operator of two amazing retail locations: Bearpaw Music & Gifts Bearpaw Gifts. 

In 2006, Cathy initially approached DNV in the initial start up phase of the Yukon Micro Loan program for her business start-up.  Since then, Cathy has remained an outstanding client of DNV multiple times over to help her expand into a new retail space and grow her business into a second retail location in the Carcross Commons. Cathy’s hard work and personal dedication to her business is role model worthy!  She is an amazing example for not just Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs but entrepreneurs across the territory with her hard work and dedication.

“It’s been amazing to have worked off and on with such a fantastic entrepreneur as Cathy for nearly 15 years.  Her dedication to her business is absolute and her willingness to support other local entrepreneurs is a fantastic example to all other entrepreneurs across the territory!”

-Team at DNV