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Abid Alrawashdeh, Proprietor

Mr. Alrawashdeh is the proprietor of Zillman’s Grill in downtown Whitehorse which offers both pub style foods and Middle Eastern cuisine. The success of Zillman’s Grill is due in large part to Mr. Alrawashdeh’s strong work ethic. A true entrepreneur, Mr. Alrawashdeh started his restaurant while maintaining other full time employment. The long hours and dedication to quality are paying off as Zillman’s Grill becomes an increasingly popular destination for a wide variety of palettes seeking quality ingredients in their meals. DNV is proud to have supported Zillman’s Grill on its business development journey!

Abid is always smiling, despite the long hours! It was a pleasure working with him to secure the financing he needed to put the finishing touches on Zillman’s Grill!” Aidan Sullivan, DNV Finance Service Officer

Zillman’s Grill is located at 2193 – 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, Yukon 867.455.2000