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däna Näye Ventures delivers the Entrepreneurial and Business Development Program (EBD) on behalf of CanNor to Indigenous Citizens residing in the Yukon. EBD promotes economic self-sufficiency for Indigenous people in the Yukon by providing financing for small and medium-sized individually-owned Indigenous businesses and for community-based projects.

Contributions of up $99,999 are available for individuals and up to $1 million for community-owned enterprises. Contribution levels and cash equity requirements vary according to the type of activity being funded and the age of the applicant.

This funding program can assist Indigenous entrepreneurs from business planning and research activities to implementation of their capital projects. 

EBD provides funding for business activities such as:

  • Business Advisory and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Planning and Research Activities
  • Skills and Capacity Development
  • Commercial Ventures
  • Market Development and Promotion
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Innovation

Application Process

How do I get started?

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Program Officer
  2. Review and complete the application
  3. Provide supporting documentation as discussed with the EBD Program Officer

How long will it take to process my application?

This depends on the complexity of your project. The screening process occurs once all supporting documents have been received and assessed by the Program Officer. The Program Officer will present your proposal and will provide a response within 4-weeks of a completed application being submitted.

What happens after approval?

Once approval has been granted the Program Officer will present you with a letter of offer reviewing the details of the approved project. An in-person meeting will be scheduled to review and sign the legal documents. Depending on the project approved; reporting and monitoring requirements may be necessary.


To start the application process download the application.

For more information contact:

Martin Meyer, Entrepreneurship and Business Development Program Officer, (867) 668-6928 ext. 1008 or email martin@dananaye.com

Eligible Projects

ProjectMax EBD Contribution
Developing business, marketing, and feasibility plansUp to 90%
Establishing/acquiring a business or acquiring information technology35% – 40%
Expanding a profitable business or developing new products, production processes, or services35% – 40%
Inventory Costs35% – 40%
Operating costs (3-months max)35% – 60%
Establishing/acquiring a business (Youth Applicant)Up to 60%
Implementing marketing initiatives75%
Project-related management, technical, and entrepreneurial training75%
Accounting and professional business advice after starting your business75%

Please note that any project costs pre-committed prior to approval will be ineligible for funding.